Oahu, Hawaii

    Nov 21-24, 2019

    A content creation RETREAT dedicated to giving VOICE to your PURPOSE and capturing your ESSENCE through professional video and photography.

    This retreat is for entrepreneurs who require content to promote and expand their PURPOSE!



    video is powerful...PERIOD!

    I KNOW this is what I am suppose to be doing...and I really am good at it :)
    ...that's when you KNOW!

    Advivum Journeys

    The Re-Imagined Self

    Tania Carriere creates experiences that introduce the tickle of a new possibility and induce the subtle shift of holding ourselves and our wisdom differently.

    R+R Handmade

    Promotional Video

    Raina McDonald and Ruben Irons
    are R+R Handmade.
    This video captures their true essence as they live and create.
    Check out R+R Handmade on Etsy

    See Earth 2013

    2013 Expedition Promotional Video

    This is how we ROLL in Costa Rica

    PURA VIDA!!!

    See Earth

    Rios Tropicales

    Organic coffee farming
    in Costa Rica

    mini doc
    education and sustainability

    In 2014 and my 5th visit to Costa Rica, I decided to film a mini-doc to tell the story of the young, organic coffee farmers and their efforts to stay organic, not only for their own health, but for the health of the environment and the world!


    Steve Neumann in Costa Rica

    Steve shares one of his personal moments from his experience on the See Earth expedition 2013.

    Promotional Video

    Algonquin College

    Junior Akat

    Biotechnology - Advanced

    Working with students to promote their programs was loads of fun!


    I know this is my purpose!

    I get so excited when I start shooting and the

    relationship with expression begins.

    I especially love to capture women who are in transition
    to understanding how amazingly vibrant they truly are!

    My 'sexy' lense comes out and the

    expression always goes to a

    whole otha level


    photos by Tanya


    allow me to capture the essence of your experience!

    Promotional Photography - Lisa J. Weiss

    A fun day wandering the streets of Ottawa, Canada with Lisa proved to be spectacular. Lisa's true essence and passion shows in these photos.

    To see the full flickr album.

    Expedition Video and Photography

    Leave your cameras at home, I'm on the job :)

    Being present in a space that allows for kick-ass fear conquering, risk taking, spirit freeing ADVENTURE is my absolute passion! Capturing the experience for all participants is my honour.

    Promotional Photography - Ange Arbuckle

    Retreat Architect . Poet . Goddess . creator of SoulFire. The streets of Honolulu were a dynamic setting to capture Ange's creative edge!
    To see full flickr album.

    Promotional Video - R+R Handmade

    Raina McDonald and Ruben Irons are R+R Handmade. They create magnificently together. I had the opportunity to stay with Raina and Ruben last summer as we filmed and collaborated on this video. This is the 2 minute version for etsy. It is my honour to showcase them!

    Algonquin College Viewbook



    It is my intention to be witness to ALL as we awaken to what it really means to live YOUR TRUEST SELF!

    Honouring our truth with vulnerability and authenticity in front of the camera is massive.
    When we SAY IT OUT LOUD, the RELEASE not only benefits YOUR mind, body and soul,

    but the vibration ripples outward, and when that happens, everyone benefits!

    Check out the new sayitoutloud.ca website

    Algonquin College Viewbook

    Marketing Photography and Video - Algonquin College

    Viewbook 2016/2017

    Photography and video content for marketing and communications. The Viewbook was a yearly publication to promote Algonquin College! Always tons of fun to shoot with students!

    To view flickr account from my time at Algonquin College

    Exposure 2019

    Exposure Retreat

    Nov 21-24, 2019

    Show up ready for the Exposure!

    This retreat is for entrepreneurs who require content to promote and expand your PURPOSE!
    A content creation RETREAT dedicated to giving VOICE to your PURPOSE and capturing your ESSENCE through professional video and photography.

  • myVOICE

    I am a multimedia developer specializing in video and photography.
    My passions include education, permaculture, women's circles, and outdoor adventure!

    I have had an amazing career at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada but
    in March 2017 it was time to switch it up alot and go FREELANCE.
    I invite you to go through my site and if anything calls to you please feel free to contact me.


    I am up for an adventure...always :)



    nancy bell



    I am beginning to understand that the women I meet are truly and expression of mySELF!
    I have much to learn about mySELF through my relationships.

    These Renaissance Women are part of myEssence and I truly TRUST

    they are with me for a spectacular reason

    Ange Arbuckle



    Ange was first on the page but the last one I wrote about. Ange is a version of me that is so adventurous, has so much passion, she lives on the edge. I love that part of me!

    I am constantly triggered by Ange and
    I think I trigger her as well.
    I loved hearing her soft, vulnerable voice during one of our conversations, saying
    .'Who the FUCK' is Nancy Bell???

    That triggered a feeling of belonging in me.
    I am here for a reason. I matter to these women and OH BOY, they Invite and Allow me to be all that I AM!

    Naomi Irons



    A knowing was evident when I brought Naomi into mySpace.
    Little did I know the fucking power, the force that I was tapping into when I actually shared physical Space with her.
    Sometimes I feel like her daughter, sometimes her mother,
    sometimes her grandmother haha,
    but mostly her sista!!!

    We have done powerful things throughout our many lifetimes together!

    I have no doubt we will continue the journey

    Tanya Petraglia



    Tanya is a witch, plain and simple. She sprinkled pixie dust on me and now
    I can fly!
    Tanya represents all the "best friends" I have had throughout my lifetimes. She lights a fire under me, inside of me, outside of me, above me, fucking even below me,
    and I am eternally grateful!
    She acts immediately, something I never learned how to do, because of fear.
    I am learning NOW!

    Deb Gleason



    I feel a great connection with Deb, a very familiar one, maybe even a twin.
     I think we had very similar childhoods.
    We definately have the 

    same relationships with our Mothers haha.

      I am in awe of Deb's courage. 

    Deb shows me what is possible...
    end of story :)

    Mandy Sandbach



    Mandy is myProtector. I feel very safe when Mandy is around.

    Mandy is the builder in me, the architect, the planner, the provider.

    Mandy is also the soft earth, the gentle soil, the dirt, the mud.

    Mandy enables life to grow!

    Mandy represents the space where my roots are rooted!



    I love Nancy! Nancy is the creative in me. Nancy is so alive, passionate and so expressive. She represents all that I can be. My urgency to 'experience' is fading.

    Nancy allowed me to realize

    that I don't have to 'be there' to experience the joy, the love of a situation.

    When you are with a collective of women that are connected, you

    feel through each other.

    The experience is the same whether you are in attendance or not!

    photo by Tanya



    Oh Raina!
    Mother Earth is Raina.

    Raina represents the best of me as a mother. The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Mother.

    It is my favourite thing!!!
    When Raina is near...
    I know I am being heard. I know she feels what I feel, I know she is

    holding space for me.


    Raina GOES FOR IT!

    All of it!

    She is courageous and determined and I love that about her!



    Stephanie is always present at the exact time I need to hear what comes out of her mouth!!

    I bet Stephanie and her

    pixie sister Tanya

    go flying around Never Land together

    in search of Lost Boys

    to play with and Pirates to battle :)

    Stephanie represents myInnocense, the young girl in me that played in the woods and swam in the river.

    I know Stephanie will continue to play

    when I forget!



    coming home was the feeling I had on this day, on the North Shore, on my Birthday, during the magnificent Full Moon

    A day that allowed me to remember where it all began

    A day that allowed me to remember my tribe

    A day that allowed me to remember a lifetime

    A day that connected my past and present


    North Shore, Oahu

    Coming home to a knowing of tribe.
    As my eye focused through the lense, through the grass, on the primal gaze of these two beings, I was fully aware of the presence of a WILD past, lived lifetimes ago.

    The gaze!

    I see both wisdom and innocense in each of your gazes.

    Both lioness and cub

    Both wisdom and innocense

    Both curiosity and knowing

    Naomi and Tanya


    North Shore, Oahu

    Remembering the warrior of past
    She stepped to the edge and slowly exposed her strength!
    Proud and Confident was she!
    DON'T FUCK WITH ME came shouting out of her without a noise or flicker. Solid and ready to defend!

    I see a warrior of past...



    North Shore, Oahu

    a protective instinct is rooted from lives lived
    The watcher, the looker, the one who signals when the wave is near.
    Wisdom evolves as she watches

    She knows the risks and lives her life anyway..without fear!

    She is strategic, but her plan is simple...PROTECT!



    what these creations are made from and where I traveled to get the shells and talismans

    the fan and the flame

    greece . hawaii . mexico . canada

    This fiery creation came together with the HAMSA HAND with EVIL EYE symbol for the ultimate protection.

    I found this charm while shopping at the world famous PLAKA MARKET in ATHENS GREECE!


    PUKA SHELL was used in Hawaiian culture as a talisman for good luck. Walking the beach, eyeing these beauties was one of the best parts of my day during my time at MAKAHA BEACH in WAIANAE HAWAII


    RED LIGHTNING AGATE is known as the spiritual flame of absolute perfection which carries a great mystery locked inside its deep brown crystal. This old stock agate comes from MEXICO.


    WHITE HOWLITE is a calming stone, aids insomnia and stress and calms anger....and it was first discovered in CANADA!


    ROSE QUARTZ stones open up the heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy, making it one of the most important gemstones for healing.


    The PURPLE TASSEL symbolizes knowledge, intuition, insight, higher wisdom, power, nobility, luxury and ambition. PURPLE activates the 6th Chakra ANJA (third eye).


    108 beads, 6mm


    View on Etsy