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we are united!

Your Tribe...

Over the last 3 months I have been very fortunate to capture sistahood in action! No longer are the days of isolation. We are stronger and more powerful together! My journey has shown me that I am not alone and that I don't have to do everything myself.

To capture moments in sistahood is so magical, so intimate...especially when there is music!!!

Please enjoy this collection of sistamoments!!!

Naomi and Ange...making magic together!!

Authentic and vulnerable are these two goddesses - ying and yang symmetry is evident in this beautiful unity! Ange and Naomi have made a choice to explore Self within community. A tribe is building with SoulFire - The New Culture.
Check out their websites and engage if you have even the slightest urge in your gut to do so :)

Debbie and Brigitte...decades of laughs!

So these two women are my roots! A 40 year connection. When life gets busy and hectic, Brig and Deb are always on speed dial (or in my case Messanger lol). As we transform into the next stage and journey of life, we need our BFFs more than ever! Lots to talk about, lots to cry about, lots to growl about and lots to let go of...with a little help from your friends. I love you guys xoxo

Tania and Lisa...grooving through life together!

Oh boy! These two are dynamic and did I mention dynamic! Those who dance together, fly together! Tania and Lisa have an energy between them that is full of respect and love! I know I will do more with these two forces!! Check out their websites and follow that fire inside of you and engage :)
Tania's blog post from that day...

I have always resisted help/assistance and as I write this I am realizing that I still very much resist help with anything.

I have decided to try to barter my way through this next year and see where it gets me! It has been easy so far because everyone has been so generous which I am soooo grateful for, but that has not given me the opportunity to ask for anything...which ultimately is my challenge.

Yesterday, I took the leap and asked for help...with bartering in mind!

So I invite you to follow my barter's a bit of a social experiment but also research for my ecovillage proposal :)
Reciprocity is very important to me :)

Hug your bff today or at least text her, message her...tell her how you feel!!

No currency was harmed during these photoshoots :)

...more dynamic duos to come

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