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Your furry friends

a "have to" mention

Freaking crazy pet lovers!!!

OMG! You guys are soooo in love with your pets!

You know the meaning of every sound they make, you know what they need and when they need it! It is quite amazing to observe.

I have had many connections to the furry creatures of this world, some deeper than others!
I did have a deep connection to one dog in particular...HOBO was her name and she was left at the front gate of my uncle's house! She was afraid and extremely nervous. I remember strategizing with my uncle about how to introduce her to me as she had already chased my brother over the fence as he entered the yard lol

We decided that I would sit at the kitchen table and we would let her in and see what happens.
I would not pay any attention to her at all!

Well, to my amazement, it took no time at all for us to connect.

Over the years I could tell what she was thinking by the expression in her eyes!

We had an amazing bond!

Anyway!!!!! All that to say, I love that you love your furry friends so much!
Here are just a few shots of the great creatures we love... more to come!!
Enjoy! I love love love each and every one of them xoxoxox

Ruby - named after Ruby Tuesday, is Brigitte's great cuddler!

Johnny, OH Johhny...named after JFK is Brigitte's Tasmanian Devil!!!

OK, this cat is Kat's farm cat...don't remember her name but I can see the huntress in her eyes!

New baby lambs at the farm!!! So freakin cute...Kat's farm :)

This dog looks fierce but really is a gentle soul! He is one of a 3 dog, 3 cat, 2 human family!

OMG, Deb Gleason and Deb Ozarko have a love for animals like no other. The only other person I know who as so passionate about the well being of animals is Jo-Anne McArthur with We Animals and it turns out they know her and she is part of Deb O's last book UnPlug!!

I spent the weekend with them on the Okanagan Lake (as it was flooding by the way) with the best vegan flood on the planet!!! Check out Deb G's Beyond Vegan program!

These two soft and furry babes are companions of Moira in beautiful Victoria Canada! They do have a third but its hard to walk all of them at she does shifts :)

Thank you for allowing me to see all the LOVE!!


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